I Performed An Finalized Brand Registration Operation DYS

I associated a brand registration process for one of our web programs. It's for Wedding Companies. Wedding companies can manage all their business processes like proposals, sales, finances etc.

First of all we designated our brands as DYS ( Düğün Yönetim Sistemi > It means: Wedding Management System). I take active role in this brand registration process in Türkiye

What were the process steps for this brand registration?

1. Availability search : It must be avoid try register a name or logo similir to another registered brand logo or o name. Brand's materials must be uniqe as possible as it can.
2. Selecting Nice Classes : It's important to choose right nice class or classes. Ypu must select class/classes according to area of activities. For example we selected class 42 for the computer program.
3. Material Arranges: You logo must be suitable for the registration. It's measures and image format should be arranged according to technical requirements of TPE ( Turkish Patent Instution )
4. Registration application process : Finally when all materials ready than you can send all of the materials to TPE system with post or online.

My previous brand registration process as below:

1. pazarbulutu
2. bilveanla
3. websel dönüşüm
4. ayaner bilişim
5. mailgoing

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